Tutors Profile
18 years of Experience in IT(Quality Assurance)
All student will receive 1 hour free Introduction To Being A Tester seminar
If you are not in DC/VA/MD , I am willing to do remote training for an extra cost.
(Saturday and Sundays only)

Training will start in Feb 09.

Basis Site Administration - $900
- Creating Domains/ Projects
- Creating Site Admin
- Creating Project Users
- Associating Users to the Project
- Different User Roles
Project Customization groups and users
- Customizing Groups-Adding Users to the group
- Customizing Users-Associating Groups to Users
- Creating New Project Users

Training 2

Working with Requirements - $600
- Building requirements tree
- Creating and Defining requirements
- Tracking the status of requirements
- Copying and deleting requirements
- Copying and deleting requirements

Working with Tests $1500
- Creating Manual Tests
- Adding Design Steps
- Mapping tests to requirements
- Requirements Coverage
- Generating Tests from Requirements

Creating Test Sets and Executing Tests
- Creating Test Sets
- Selecting and Running Tests
- Running Test Sets
- Recording and reviewing test execution results

- Tracking the status of Tests in Test Sets and Test Plan sections
- Tracking the status of requirements

Managing/Tracking Defects
- Add/Modify Defects
- Duplicate Defects
- Defect Details
- Defect Tracking
- Mapping defects to Test cases
- Mapping defects to Test Sets
- Mapping defects to requirements
- Saving favorite defect lists
- Searching for existing defects

Training 3 Excel and QC - 500.00
Importing Data
- Installing the Microsoft Office and Excel Add-Ins
- Formatting requirements, test plan, and defects data in Excel files
- Exporting data from Excel ONLY to Quality Center
- Preparing the Excel file for import
- Using the Excel Export Wizard

Training 4 - 300.00
Reports and Graphs
- Analysis menu graphs and reports

Contact : pinkybabes@yahoo.com