<font color="blue">Exploratory Testing
Exploratory test skills are vital for finding big bugs fast, and for giving rapid, clear feedback to your team. I think they are more important than ever in these difficult times.

So: I'm offering a 'no-frills' version of my Exploratory Testing course in London, in the second week in December. The course is as good as ever, but I'm using a local London venue to make it even better value for money. The 2-day course will be 380 + shared room cost + VAT, and I'll discount the VAT for participants paying their own money in advance.

Details here: http://www.workroom-productions.com/ET_20081208.html

We'll focus on test techniques to discover risks and surprises in software systems. Thinking and doing go hand in hand to give you:
- The test design skills to probe a system and trigger a bug
- The analysis skills to model the system and understand a bug
- The discipline to manage your exploration and sustain your bug rate

LinkedIn page: http://events.linkedin.com/pub/16152

Perhaps you could pass this message on, or use LinkedIn to let your colleagues know. Simply invite your colleagues and contacts from the LinkedIn page above.

This is a rare public outing for the same course that I coach at large companies (recently Nokia and Google), and is based on years of exploratory testing, and working with exploratory testers. I'm a consultant, specialising in test strategy from an adaptive perspective, but you might have seen me talking+teaching at conferences.
Cheers - James Lyndsay </font>

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