My dear friends, below is press release about my practical self-study course "How to Become a Software Tester."



Former PayPal QA Architect Offers New Course to Train People for High-Paying Jobs in Software Testing

Roman Savenkov’s new course, How to Become a Software Tester, combines textbook knowledge with practical online training using real software testing tools, making it easy for anyone to learn how to test software and land a job in software industry.

Sunnyvale, CA — November 7, 2008 — How to Become a Software Tester promises to train a new generation of software testers and help them find high-paying tech jobs in a challenging economy. The self-study practical course, authored by former PayPal QA Architect Roman Savenkov, includes a textbook guide that walks students through the concepts with useful advice, and a series of online exercises that ensure they learn how to work out real-world problems.

“To become a solid tester requires a lot of hands-on experience,” explains Savenkov. “You cannot get that by reading without practicing. This course was created to give everyone an opportunity to gain that experience, without paying the thousands of dollars usually spent for a comparable education in testing.”

The approach is targeted towards the practical aspects of testing, using everyday situations and real-life situations to illustrate the examples. There is no excessive theory, but rather copious practice exercises through a dedicated online website,

“This textbook has a style similar to Internet blogs,” says Igor Khrol, a project manager at software company Itransition. “Amusing stories from real life, funny illustrations, good advice on how to communicate with potential employers and colleagues — all this makes the reading very interesting.”

The course is built upon the educational and professional experience Savenkov gained at one of the world’s leading software companies, PayPal, where his testing approaches have already been successfully implemented. That is important, as a tester’s mistake at a money-transferring service like PayPal could cause millions of dollars in damages.

Students progress at their own pace, and even beginners can gain the skills needed to perform software testing and quality assurance in just weeks. How to Become a Software Tester is priced at $249 (tax and shipping included), significantly lower than comparable courses online or offline. It is available directly from the author at his website

“Ultimately, it’s all about getting a job that can change your life,” adds Savenkov. “People don’t pass software tester interviews by saying ‘I read about it’ but by saying ‘I did it and I can demonstrate exactly how.’”

About the Author
Roman Savenkov has nearly a decade of professional experience building the Quality Assurance departments for Silicon Valley startups, including PayPal. He teaches at seminars, through self-study courses and private lessons. He is the author of a bestselling book in Russia, Testing dot com, which was released in 2006.

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Roman Savenkov