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Thread: Agile Method

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    Agile Method

    Ive been tryin to read up on agile and get into the scripting end of development after being on the artistic side of things for a while. I found this thread and wondered if it would be good to go to this xpo.


    A free half-day workshop on Agile project management featuring a Senior Peer Group of 8 Agile Experts will be at the East Coast Games Summit in Philadelphia next month (www.gamerecruiter.com). Scheduled on Saturday, 11/22, the workshop will include a strong focus on solid principles and values and how to get your team to adopt them. The senior peer group of Agile experts in games will talk about Agile methodology models such as Scrum and Waterfall. Speakers include Matt Shaw, CTO at Mythic/EA and Steve Reid, Managing Director at Red Storm /Ubisoft. The Agile workshop and the East Coast Games Summit are free to attend for registered attendees of VGXPO ($30 at door). www.vgxpo.com.



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    Re: Agile Method

    "Agile methodology models such as Scrum and Waterfall"

    Joe Strazzere
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    Re: Agile Method

    [ QUOTE ]
    wondered if it would be good to go to this xpo.

    [/ QUOTE ]

    based on the confusion that Joe pointed out, my answer would be "NO".

    Waterfall != Agile
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    Re: Agile Method

    Who knows, maybe it's just a fast waterfall. I've seen those. They're pretty scary actually.

    Oh! And when did we start relying on video games as a source of strong development methodologies? If there are a ton of game developers there, I'd say stay away from the place. I mean I think they're the only type of shop that delivers new products less reliably than Microsoft.
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    Re: Agile Method

    ..and after moderation, the thread actually looks like a thread..


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    Re: Agile Method

    Traditional methodologies of software developement try to be predictive - to create a schedule at the beginning of a
    project and to conform to this schedule for the life of the project. Yet a common complaint is “the
    problem with this project is that the users keep changing their minds”. In the physical world people
    accept that requirements need to be fixed because it's intuitively obvious to them that, because of
    the expensive construction phase, it's very expensive to make changes after a certain point.
    Agile methodology addresses the following key factors in the process of software developement.

    · Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
    · Working software over comprehensive documentation
    · Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
    · Responding to change over following a plan

    Following are the agile methods that exist today:

    1. Scrum
    2. Dynamic Systems Development Method (DSDM)
    3. Crystal Methods
    4. Feature Driven Development
    5. Lean Development
    6. Extreme Programming (XP)
    7. Adaptive Software Development

    //Pl revert if anyone require more details.


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    Re: Agile Method

    I am encountering a situation where the process is referred to as "agile" yet it's more chaos than agile. And of course, the age old complaint, why didn't QA catch these issues, instead of doing a true agile dev-test plan where we work together.
    I don't know, the longer I work in the industry, the more I'm amazed by the same old complaint that Qa doesn't do enought testing.
    Any thoughts?
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    Re: Agile Method

    Interesting Comment...
    I agree that Agile can look chaotic, but I tend to look at it more as responsive. Agile is a Framework and it's self determined by the team, not any one individual. That's why in Agile, you succeed as a team and fail as a team. There's no single point of failure which puts paid to comments like 'Why wasn't this tested', since we're all responsible. In a non agile environment, where this question might be asked, I tend to ask the enquirer why they're not asking why it wasn't defined better, designed better, built better, implemented better as well as tested better (if that's appropriate.)

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