Last year I posted a message about a way of learning the terminology for the ISTQB/ISEB Foundation Certificate. It was about:

'a program that shows you the terms, then tells you the definition. As you probably know, the Syllabus makes use of about 150 special terms which are defined in ISTQB's "Standard glossary of terms used in Software Testing". I got the certificate by self study and found some of these terms a bit of a challenge. I wrote the program to help with learning them. You can download it and use it for free from a link on'

Some people have downloaded it. It was for the 2007 (or earlier) version of the certificate. I've now updated it to the 2008 version. Because I wrote the program and own the copyright, I can give you a free licence, initially for a month but you can extend it. See the information on or

Licence is H6UN-7AWS-ML8S-NYL8

Good luck with your exam.