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    QTP end-end Training

    Our centres are located in
    1. RPC Layout, Vijayanagar, Bangalore

    2. BTM Layout 1st Stage, Bangalore

    Tutors Profile
    5-9 years of Experience in IT(Quality Assurance) and Worked for different companies like RelQ Software, Ness Technologies, DELL Computers, Valtech, Accenture, Wipro etc in various capacities
    Working Experience in Many tools like QTP, Winrunner, Loadrunner, Rational Tools, Silktest
    Experience in automating different applications

    *These courses can be customized, contact us for course outline and Pricing.*

    *All courses are designed and delivered by experienced people*

    *Cost effective training*

    *Do you want to know how we have done in the past? Reference will be given on request.*

    *All the courses includes necessary Training materials, Softwares, Sample Code*

    *All the courses includes future technical support through email or phone*

    Note: Fast track(12 full days) course for QTP basics and advanced available at our Vijayanagar branch only

    Course Contents

    Automation Basics

    Test Automation Fundamentals

    * Understanding Software Test Automation
    * Pre-requisites for Automation
    * Benefits of Automation
    * Automation Process overview
    * Tool Evaluation

    Introduction to VB Script

    * Variables
    o Declaring Variables
    o Variable Data Types
    o Data type conversion functions
    o Declaring arrays

    * Operators
    o Arithmetic
    o Comparison
    o Assignment
    o Logical
    o Concatenation

    * Branches
    o If ... End If
    o If ... Else ... End If
    o If ... ElseIf ... End If
    o Select ... Case

    * Loops
    o For...Next, For Each..Next
    o While ... Wend
    o Do While ... Loop, Do ... Loop While
    o Do Until ... Loop, Do ... Loop Until

    * Procedures (Function and Sub), defining, Calling
    * Function library management, creation, Association
    * LAB

    Quick Test Pro Basics

    QTP Licensing
    * Types of Licenses
    o Demo
    o Seat License
    o Concurrent License
    * Lab


    * Technologies supported by QTP
    * Understanding Add-Ins
    * Add-Ins Manager and different Add-ins available
    * How to Choose an Add-in

    Understanding QTP record and Playback process
    * Recording Operations
    * Introduction to Object Repository
    * Record and Run Settings
    * Recording Types
    o Standard Recording
    o Analog Recording
    o Low level Recording
    * LAB

    Working with QTP
    * QTP Standard Views
    o Keyword view
    o Expert View
    o Active screen view
    o Active Screen benefits
    o Comparison of Different Views
    * LAB

    Introduction to Parameterization
    * Why Parameterization
    * Data Driven Tests
    * Comparison of Data tables (Local and Global)
    * Data table methods
    * Parameterize using Data tables
    * Running Test Iterations
    * Running Action Iterations
    * LAB

    * How to create a new action
    * Call to existing action
    * Call to copy of action
    * Split Action
    * Calling Winrunner Tests and Functions

    Adding Validations to Script
    * Adding Validations programmatically
    * Need of Using Checkpoints
    * Types of Checkpoints
    * Need of Using Output Values
    * Types of Output Values
    * LAB

    Debugging Scripts
    * Need of Debugging Scripts
    * Breakpoints
    * Debug Viewer
    * Step into, Step out, and Step Over options
    * Run From, Run To, Debug From Step, Run Current Action options

    * Using Different settings for Synchronization
    * Using Wait and Sync Statements
    * Synchronization
    * LAB

    Automation Advanced

    Quicktest pro Advanced

    Advanced Parameterization
    * Environment Variables
    o Parameterize using Environment Variables
    o Creating Environment XML file
    o Loading Environment XML file at run time
    * Action Parameters
    o Defining, Types, Passing Values, Default values
    * LAB

    Working with Dynamic Objects
    * Introduction to Dynamic Objects
    * Regular Expressions
    o Introduction to Regular expression
    o Using Regular expressions Object Repository
    o Using Regular expressions QTP Editor
    * Virtual Objects
    * Descriptive Programming
    o Using Different methods of Descriptive Programming
    o Why Descriptive Programming
    * Using setTOProperty method
    * Parameterising Object repository property values
    * Using WebTable-ChildItem method
    * Using WebTable-GetCelldata method
    * LAB

    Working with Objects
    * Object Identification
    * Different Object Identification methods
    * Object Spy feature
    * Smart Identification
    * Object Repositories
    o Types
    o Associating shared Repositories
    o How to use these repositories
    * Object Repository Merge Tool
    * Object Repository Manager
    o Managing shared repositories
    o Updating objects from Local repository to Shared Repository
    * LAB

    Execution of Scripts
    * Executing QTP Script with Quality Center
    * Executing QTP Script with Test Batch Runner
    * Test Results
    o Analysis of Test Results
    o Reporting Functions
    * LAB

    Recovery Scenarios
    * Understanding Recovery scenarios
    * Trigger events types
    * Recovery Operations
    * Post Recovery Operations
    * Activating Recovery scenarios

    * Working with Databases programmatically
    * Working with Files programmatically (FileSystemObject)
    * Using Wshell Object
    * Using Dictionary Objects

    Automation Frameworks
    * Introduction to Frameworks
    * Types of Frameworks
    * Data Driven and Keyword driven Frameworks
    * How QTP Implements these Frameworks

    Project automation

    Integration of Quality Center with Quicktest Pro
    * Installing Quicktest pro add-in for Quality Center
    * Creation of QTP tests from Quality Center
    * Converting Manual Tests to QTP tests
    * Executing QTP Tests from Quality Center
    * Modifying QTP Tests

    * Saving QTP Tests to Quality Center from Quicktest Pro
    * Managing Libraries, Repositories, from Quicktest Pro
    * Logging Defects from Quicktest Pro Result window

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    Re: QTP end-end Training

    How much fee for total course?

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    Re: QTP end-end Training

    Hi venkatAutomator

    Remember to check whether murali1079 is an HP Certified Instructor and/or HP Certified Training Partner before booking training.

    If not, there are other approved sources of training you could use rather than, for example, somebody who has possibly just ripped off HP's training material and passed it off as their own.




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