Recertification Update

Software Certifications now offers a new option to become recertified. Currently, you must submit a Recertification Journal outlining 120 Continuing Professional Education credits you have earned over the three years prior to your certification expiration date. Beginning July 2003, individuals holding an active certification will have the option of taking the current certification exam instead of submitting the Recertification Journal. If you choose to sit for the exam, you must register to take the exam before your certification expiration date and only one sitting is allowed to pass the exam. Upon receiving a passing score, you will become recertified. The fee for taking the exam for recertification is $175 US per certification ($100 processing fee/$75 exam fee). This fee is non-refundable.

Please visit our website at and click on Recertification for further information regarding the two options for fulfilling your recertification requirements: 1) Submitting a Recertification Journal with 120 CPE credits, or 2) the new option of taking the Examination for Recertification.

If you have additional questions that aren't answered on the website, feel free to contact Sheila at