Twin Cities Quality Assurance Association (TCQAA) is hosting a class entitled
"Effective Methods of Controlling Software Projects". The course is a two-day
event led by an instructor from Quality Assurance Institute (QAI) in Orlando,
Florida, the administrator of the CSQA/CSTE certifications. The class will be
held May 5 - 6, 2003 at the National Marrow Donor Program in Minneapolis for a
cost of $400.

Class Overview:

Risk is usually one of the last areas addressed (if addressed at all) in the
software development process. Many projects are undertaken without a solid basis
of understanding for making informed decisions by consciously assessing what can
go wrong and the resultant impact. Consequently, no forethought is given to
contingencies when the inevitable does happen (e.g., scope of the project
changes, timeframes for development and/or testing are drastically slashed, new
technology is engaged for the first time, etc.).
If for no other reason than to avert crisis management or to comply with
government standards, organizations need to adopt a risk management strategy,
and one of the best areas for addressing the issue is in the project management
During the two days this program addresses the following:
Understanding risk assessment and risk management
Defining risk and classifying types of risk
Understanding where risks come from
Incorporating risk management into software project management
Identifying risks and communicating about risks
Analyzing and making decisions on risk assessment
Addressing risk in software testing
Taking action and tracking and controlling risks; and
Selling the benefits of risk management to executives and others
You will leave this program with several risk assessment instruments that can be
customized to your organization, and you will have a list of the best metrics to
use for assessing and managing risks.
Finally, through a combination of class lecture and case study, you should be
prepared to address risk management throughout the software development process
including requirements and testing and should feel competent to adequately
address the need for risk management with senior managers.
Who Should Attend
QA Analysts, QA Managers, IT Managers, Users, Project Leaders, and Business

A registration form for the course can be found on the TCQAA web site

-- Jean

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