Tutorial: Building Systems from Commercial Components
Software Engineering Institute
Carnegie Mellon University
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
October 23-24, 2002
World Wide Web: http://www.sei.cmu.edu/cbs/bscc/tutorial.html

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Tutorial Description

Component-based design presents novel challenges; it involves working with preexisting components that introduce unfamiliar, and often unstated, constraints. This tutorial presents proven techniques for building component-based systems in real-world working environments. It is based on the book "Building Systems from Commercial Components," part of the SEI series in software engineering, and will be presented by book coauthor Robert Seacord, senior technical member of the technical staff a the SEI, and Grace Lewis, member of the technical staff.

The tutorial is designed for individuals who are participating in a component-based development effort; system architects, chief engineers, project managers, and software engineers.

This is an extended version of the tutorial given at the International Conference on Software Engineering, International Conference on COTS-Based Software Systems (ICCBSS), European Software Engineering Conference
(ESEC) and Symposium on the Foundations of Software Engineering (FSE). ....


. Component Ensemble as a fundamental design abstraction. Ensembles -- sets of components that work together -- expose component dependencies and shift the emphasis from selecting individual components to selecting sets of components.

. Blackboards as a fundamental design notation. Blackboards depict
what is currently known about an ensemble and, just as important, what remains to be discovered. Blackboards serve to document a design and known areas of design risk.

. R3, a risk-driven discovery process (Risk, Realize, Repair) that exposes design risk and defines ensemble feasibility criteria

. Prototyping Process called model problems that generates situated component expertise and establishes ensemble feasibility

. Black Box Visibility Techniques for gaining knowledge about the internals of commercial components. These techniques are illustrated
using case studies from major development projects.


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