RTTS' next WELA (WinRunner Expert-Level Automation) class will be taught 9/25 - 28 at our training facility in New York City.

WELA is designed to give students the foundation in TSL (WinRunner's scripting language) necessary to create robust, maintainable scripts. The course includes lecture and lab exercises.

Variables: declaration, classes, scope
Selection statements: if...else; switch
Loops: for, while
Arrays: single and multidimensional
Debugging techniques
User-defined functions
Compiled modules
Function Generator
GUI Map functions
String parsing
Regular expressions
Data-driven testing
File input and output
Database access through SQL calls
Web testing strategies
Win32 API functions
COM objects: accessing services of

For more information about taking WELA, visit our Web site (www.rttsweb.com/training/mercury) or contact Dan Chirillo at 212-240-9050 x30 or dchirillo@rttsweb.com