I will be teaching the one day tutorial "Automated Software Testing," August 7, 2002 in San Francisco, CA. See http://www.softdim.com/stpw/SanFranciso2002/default.htm for more detail.

I will be teaching this same tutorial next week in Chicago.

This tutorial outlines the Automated Test Life-cycle Methodology, a structured process for designing, developing, executing and managing testing that parallels the System Development Life-cycle.
It is based on my book titled "Automated Software Testing" published by AWL, ISBN 0-201-43287-0.
Over the last several years test teams have largely implemented automated testing tools on projects, without having a process or strategy in place describing in detail the steps involved in using the test tool productively.
This tutorial will help clarify some of the confusion surrounding automated testing efforts and discuss a strategic approach to test automation.

Hope to see some of you there,

Elfriede Dustin
Author (with Rashka, Paul)of book "Automated Software Testing", July 99
Author (with Rashka, McDiarmid) of book "Quality Web Systems: Performance, Security & Usability", August 01
Author of book "Effective Software Testing: 50 Specific Ways to Improve Software Testing" (Addison Wesley, Fall/Winter 2002)