Please read this note about Mercury CPS exam questions.

And also please note that there are probably quite a few people here who have worked very hard to obtain their certification in the IT industry whether it be in QA, in the tools, or any other IT certification. They will recognize the questions that you ask as being directly from the exam.

A lot of work and study go into these certifications, and we all encourage each other, but please do NOT ask for the answers here.

Cheating on certifications is going to end up making them worthless to all potential employers, and employees. If you don't know your stuff, stick around here for a while and learn it! This is where I've gotten a major chunk of my QA knowledge.

There's a lot of knowledge here (20,000 members at last count ). There are lot of books available to buy, white papers to download, links to other sites and discussion groups, and AJ has got some great training programs going on here too. Check them out!

Good luck on your exams and make sure you let us all know how you did.

-- Jean
There are no failures.
There are only extended learning opportunities.