I received this e-mail earlier today. Yet another certification option - given by IEEE.

Iím pleased to announce that after a rigorous three-year development
process, the societyís high caliber, examination-based certification
program will launch later this month. The new Certified Software
Development Professional (CSDP) credential is intended for individuals
5 or more years of experience, and will test expertise in eleven
software engineering knowledge areas. The CSDP is designed to elevate
educational standards and recognize those who demonstrate knowledge
essential to the practice of software engineering. Earning the CSDP
designation is an excellent way to assess your knowledge and skills
your peers.

The IEEE Computer Society has a long-established reputation as the
association for the software engineering discipline. The society
industry and academic experts drawn from its standards, publication,
conference, and education programs to create a first-of-its-kind exam.
The CSDP certification is integral to the Computer Societyís stated
goal to
provide the software engineering community with high-quality continuing
education services. This mid-level software certification exam is the
first step in a series of software engineering certification products

The 180 question exam is comprehensive, covering software configuration
management, construction, design, testing, maintenance, and quality;
software engineering tools, methods, processes, and management;
requirements engineering; and business practices and engineering

The CSDP exam will be offered twice in 2002 - 15 April through 30 June
5 October through 26 October.

Youíll receive an email alert when information about the examination,
application process, preparation materials, and training is posted on
IEEE Computer Societyís Web site, http://computer.org. In the
if you have questions, contact Stacy Saul, IEEE Computer Society
Education Coordinator, at s.saul@computer.org or +1-202-371-0101.

I hope you join your peers and apply for the CSDP in 2002.

Leonard Tripp
1999 IEEE Computer Society President and Chair, Professional Practices