Finally I am sucked up by those certification exams. So I said what the heck I would take those exams and now I must get my terminology same as those wise men and also help in some interesting areas where I have not thought over (some uses of preparing for exams). Here is the help I am looking for.

1. What is the difference between Statement/Branch/Path coverage and # of test cases required for a particular coverage. If I am confusing you.
example: If I figure out in a example that Statement coverage is 1 (1a-2c-3d) "for example" then is it possible to have more than 1 test case to satisfy the scenario or SC derived is same as test cases ?

According to me If I choose to do Statement coverage based testing then I will prepare test cases as per the SC defined so if SC (statement coverage) is 1 then test case should also be 1. Similarly Branch and Path testing.

Please clarify.
2. If two experts derive the equivalence Partition test from a logical flow, should the test input configured match ?

3. Please provide me with all the links and material for Statistical Reliability model of testing. I am not exposed to this model earlier ever.

Thanks in Advance.
- P