Monday, April 27, 2009
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM EDT

A free webinar will be conducted on the SOA Data and Synchronization Services. The webinar will be presented by the founder of Soalib, Ejaz Jamil, the original coder and architect of SOALIB series of products. The webinar will feature SOA as the building block of Data and Synchronization services for the next generation of Cloud based applications.

Topics covered in the webinar will show present solution to SOA Data and Synchronization services using SOALIB as listed below:

***** The architecture of SOALIB
***** How SOASYNC fits into the architecture of SOALIB
***** How to create type mapping and do the first sync
***** Schedule based syncing
***** Data mixing and heterogeneous mapping
***** SOASYNC used as data porting tool
***** SOASYNC used a periodic synchronization tool
***** SOASYNC used for data migration and porting
***** SOASYNC used in data transformation
***** Database reporting tools
***** On Demand SOASYNC
***** SOASYNC API for third party applications

For more information, please contact Soalib at: +1-508-460-1116 or send us email

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