First, I haven't been visiting here lately, so I apologize if I failed to answer anyone's questions. I've been rather busy with my development duties, which leads to the subject of this post: we're proud to announce the availability of two new products!

Eggplant Green is a new low-cost edition of Eggplant designed to put cross-platform GUI automation within the reach of smaller developers and individuals. Eggplant Green provides all the key benefits of the professional version (which is now called Eggplant Purple) letting you develop sophisticated scripts to drive any system under test exactly as a user would. We hope this will make it easy for more people to give Eggplant a try and see how visual scripting can work where other approaches fail.

For a full description and feature comparison of the Green and Purple editions of Eggplant, or to download a free trial of Eggplant, please visit the Redstone Software website.

While you're there, you might also take a look at Vine, our new VNC client for the Mac. If you use a Mac and ever have a need to remotely access other machines (whether they are Macs or anything else), this could really come in handy. Vine lets you create a list of all of the machines you regularly access, then just double-click one to open its desktop in a window on your Mac.

If you have any questions about Eggplant <font color="green">Green</font> or <font color="purple">Purple</font> (or about Vine), please ask, and I'll try to be around more often again to offer some answers. [img]/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]