My manager has the top level access of GTA, he can get me the token needed to connect to the Service Desk via their API. I am looking to see how I can do this via PHP by creating a new IssueTracker* file probably aptly called gtadbInterface.class.php. Are there any reference material or anything else that I should be looking over in order to make calls to GTA Service Desk? I just want to be able to create (POST) bugs, view (GET) from GTA via TestLink so I am not sure what other calls may be required. I have to look at their API documentation to see if there is anything specific in regards to database calls and/or whatever else may be involved. Hopefully this won't be too big of a deal. Trying to keep Issue/Bug tracking tools to a single item (GTA via the boss, I was going to suggest Bugzilla/Testopia plugin). So any pointers/links will be appreciated. I won't be having k's of test cases like some folks. I will probably break things down into test plans under one test project (for the overall product - there are 2, consumer and merchant apps).

Thanks in advance,