Have recently begun a pilot running TestLink 1.8.5 (on OpenSUSe 12.3, PHP 5.2.3). We have a lot of existing test cases in text files (MediaWiki) that we copied and pasted into new Test Suites/Test Cases in TestLink.

The problem we are running into is that text does not want to wrap. This especially causes the Steps and Expected Results to appear in wide boxes on screen when trying to execute test cases.
I haven found any place to either enable Word Wrap or otherwise delimit the width of the resulting fields in TestLink.
I have looked at settings in fckEditor, in settings in config.(custom).inc.php or elsewhere.
Is there something I am missing. Will upgrading to the 1.9.x release help us out? because we are on a Pilot project, upgrading a working workstation needs carefull planning. (Workstation because until we get approval, the software is still running on a simple ws, not a web server.

Thanks in advance for any insights!