When I click the create issue button it just loads a blank page with the url: <testlink host>/testlink/lib/execute/bugAdd.php?user_action=create&tcversion_id=4&tproj ect_id=1&exec_id=8

When I try to load just the bugAdd.php page without any parameters it loads a "Add Bug Report" page that just has a close button.

We are using Testlink 1.9.9 with Bugzilla

xmlrpc config:

<!-- Template bugzillaxmlrpcInterface -->
<username><bugzilla admin></username>
<password><bugzilla admin pw></password>
<uribase>http://<bugzilla ip address>/</uribase>

The product and component tags in the config I actually used my bugzilla product called "Test" and component called "Test1", is this right?

It seems like a user/login issue but any other input or assistance would be appreciated while we continue to review this.

Oh and by partial working I mean that linking a bug works fine, it shows the correct bug id, and displays the bug on the test case execution screen, so no problems there.