I am new to TestLink and it's resources. So, I have a question. Is it possible to use one test case to hold and show more than one result?
Because when you test it, the old status goes to the log, and the new execution is shown on the screen. I would wish to know if I can show more than that one result. Maybe 5 or more results in the screen at the same time, because I am using Selenuim and WebDriver, and each Test Case represents a Test Class. So I have a Test Class with more than one method, and that class can send different results to TestLink. I mean, If Method#1 fails, it will send the error report to TestLink. But I've still got Mothods #2 and #3 to test. If one of them is executed successfully the Test Case on TestLink will show only this one.

Is there any way to differenciate my results in this TestCase without the need to look into the log?

Thanks for your time, and sorry any bad english. Not my mother language.