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    TestLink new reports

    Hi i wanted to see th reports for all the testplans at a time.
    In results page am able to see the particular one testplan only. Is there any way to get a report for all the testplans. Else is it posssible to create new reports based on my requirement, if yes please share the guidance steps.

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    Re: TestLink new reports

    I believe you can generate matrix for one test plan only.
    If you need to combine results of two test plans probably you can export them in excel and combine.
    You can then generate matrix through Excel.

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    There are some reports which are still in development phase, but the code is not pushed in any release officially till now, i guess that should be supported only for Testlink v1.8 to 1.8.5, i mean you can apply the patch yourself for these versions. you can get these from TestLink bug tracker
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