i have installed testlink 1.8.5.
bugzilla 3.6.3 in different machines.

1)i hav done changes in

//Set the bug tracking system Interface
/** DB host to use when connecting to the Bugzilla db */
define('BUG_TRACK_DB_HOST', '<ip address>');

/** name of the database that contains the Bugzilla tables */
define('BUG_TRACK_DB_NAME', 'bugs');

/** charset of the database that contains the Bugzilla tables */
define('BUG_TRACK_DB_CHARSET', 'UTF-8');

/** useful if you have several schemas see BUGID 1444*/

/** DB type used for the bugtracking db */

/** DB user and password to use for connecting to the Bugzilla db */
define('BUG_TRACK_DB_USER', 'root');
define('BUG_TRACK_DB_PASS', 'root');

/** link of the web server */
define('BUG_TRACK_HREF', "http://<ip address>:82/show_bug.cgi?id=");

/** link to the bugtracking system, for entering new bugs */
define('BUG_TRACK_ENTER_BUG_HREF',"http://<ip adress>:82/enter_bug.cgi");

2)also changed in In C:\xampp\htdocs\testlink\config.inc.php

But in in execute testcases am not able to see any bugmanagement symbol.Am not gettting any error also.
Anyone please could help me.