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    TestLink versus xstudio

    I'm looking for a free tool to manage manual testing. xstudio seems to have much more functionality than TestLink, but we have other tools in place for most of it (bug tracking, test automation and SCRUM mgmt.) So I am leaning toward TestLink. I think I will enjoy its simplicity and narrower scope.

    I have no hands on experience with either tool. Has anyone used both and have some input?


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    Re: TestLink versus xstudio


    Is it possible to know, based on which features you evaluated both tools ?? I am also going to compare both of them.

    It would be very nice to have more deails from you.


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    Re: TestLink versus xstudio

    If any of you have conclusion regarding these two TM applications, please share it with us.
    I worked with TestLink a few years ago and yesterday was about to start checking the Demo Site of the XStudio,
    The Demo is so slooooooooooooow that I stopped trying a minute after I started.
    If any of you managed to check this tool I'll be happy to hear your impressions.

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    Re: TestLink versus xstudio

    I used to work with Testlink and we have been requested recently to move to XStudio. And I must admit I do not regret at all. In terms of free offer there are only 2 choices at the moment: the historical one (Testlink) and the new one (XStudio) and XStudio is already much better.

    In a previous life I used to work on HP QC. This was not so bad but a pain to maintain/administer (and VERY expensive but this was not my own problem). XStudio has almost the same level of features than QC for free.

    btw, we are probably going to take one of their optional commercial support license. I will tell you how is the support later...

    PS: I've just checked their demo site and you're right, it's awfully slow now... they must have a problem with their network...



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