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    WPF App (Microsoft SmartClient technology)

    Our application is the next-generation desktop solution based on Microsoft's Smart Client technology. The term "Smart Client" refers to a combination of the benefits of "thin client" software (ease of deployment and automatic updates) and "thick client" software (high performance, high productivity, rich user interface). This app bridges the gap between the thin and thick client applications, capturing the best of both worlds. Note that this app is not a thin or web application. It can be installed and launched from a web browser, but the application files reside on the user's desktop PC similar to a traditional installed application. This ensures high performance, functionality and flexibility. Unlike a traditional application though, the initial installation is much more streamlined, and future updates can happen automatically without any user intervention.

    Tool: Telerik Test Studio

    I tried recording this app but it is not recording some of the objects. This app has Left Navigation Menu and Test Studio is able to record the actions on this menu but not on the right side of this Navigation where the page looks like web browser(but embedded in this smart client app) . So whenever I try to record any object on right pane, it is not recording anything.

    This app is developed on .Net tech(WPF)
    OS: Win XP Pro

    Please suggest me on how to automate this app.
    Thanks <font color="blue"> </font>
    Srini Challa

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    Re: WPF App (Microsoft SmartClient technology)

    Hi Srini,
    Could you provide more information how you are recording and more information,I might be able to help you?

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