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Thread: join databases

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    join databases

    HI, I would like to ask some DB experts

    I got asked "how to join two database to SQL? "

    I guess its not asking inner join, outjoin thing, right?

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    Re: join databases

    Join databases? Or join tables?

    How did you answer the question?
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    Re: join databases

    I said its dblink(), but I can't get into detail, I think its not typically SQL questions, innjoin is about joining 2 TABLES

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    Re: join databases

    Never heard before regarding joining database,I feel it might be joining the table.
    DBs tables are normally created,updated etc through SQL.
    He could have meant as how do you create the DB tables with SQL ?

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    Re: join databases

    There are database links that can be implemented in Oracle such that you can query across multiple databases.

    And, depending on how one defines a database, in MySQL you can query across multiple databases assuming that they're on the same server in the same database file and you have permissions on the target databases.

    Lastly, if you're trying to bridge, for example, a DB2 database and an Oracle database, you could use MS Access. Or, if you're looking for something non-Microsoft, you could look at Quest's Toad for Data Analysis. I've never used this tool, so I'm not sure how well it would or would not work for you.

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    Re: join databases

    And by the way, radhe, inner join and outer join both apply to joining tables, not databases (whatever the latter means).

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    Re: join databases

    radhe94539, in this case I would try to get more details from interviewer about this question

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    Re: join databases

    I think joining "two database to sql" means joining two tables from two different databases.For this you have to put database name in front of table name.The query in the following link is will help. Its the link to devx forum: http://forums.devx.com/showthread.php?t=17882



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