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    Requirements based test cases

    I am working on creating test cases from requirements with having different level of detail (abstraction), can some one help in this regard. i am posting requirement and test case template, can some one tell me how much we can fill this template from the given requirement.
    R1 and R2, R1 is more detailed where as R2 is very abstract. Can some please fill the fields of the following given test case template from these requirements (only from the requirements, we can not add information from ourself). I was having confusion in this and i hope some one can help me here.

    R1: The user shall have a personalized view in the product

    R2:If the user enters an incorrect user id and /or password the login page shall be reloaded with information showing that an incorrect login has been attempted

    ********************** Test Case Template
    Test Case:
    Expected Results:
    Environmental Needs:
    Procedural Requirement:

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    Re: Requirements based test cases

    "R1: The user shall have a personalized view in the product"

    This is considered detailed?

    I have no idea how to fill in most of your Test Case Template, if that is the extent of the Requirement.
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    Re: Requirements based test cases

    I am moving this to the interview forum. Reon, it is unlikely someone is going to write your test cases for you, but your chances of getting this answered are better in the interview forum.

    - Linda

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    Re: Requirements based test cases

    [ QUOTE ]
    R1 is more detailed where as R2 is very abstract

    [/ QUOTE ]
    Did you mean the other way round?

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    Re: Requirements based test cases

    I would go back to your customer with the following:

    R1 is untestable. Do you have use-cases or other specs?

    R2 is somewhat testable. Without knowing all the particulars such as number of attempts, error/informative messages, credentials constraints, etc.; one could not reasonably test this and at the same time feel confident that it is ready for prime time. Again, go back to your customer.

    I've attached a document (in the header of my post) that illustrates the pickle you are in. Maybe it will help you and your team understand what the posters here are suggesting to you. Good luck! [img]/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]
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    Re: Requirements based test cases

    R1 is abstract requirements because it doesnt tell much.
    And, R2 is relatively much detailed.

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    Re: Requirements based test cases

    Hi Reon,

    hope I can help you here...

    "relatively much detailed". relatively, indeed.

    what is invalid?
    -case sensitivity not taken into account even though it should be?
    make sure your sys does the necessary checks.

    what will the error message be if user id and/or password are wrong? will it be?
    -try again, something wasn't right
    -user ID / password do not exist
    -user ID not existing
    -password for specified user ID incorrect
    The and/or statement in that requirement spec is quite vital here.
    Depending on how the message is defined for the specific scenarios, it might need revisiting.

    maybe i'm just picky but that's something you either need to test; or challenge the BA to clarify upfront (latter option is cheaper depending on the stage of development)

    Thx for feedback!

    Nobody's perfect.

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    Re: Requirements based test cases

    Thanks Alexx, it will work

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    Re: Requirements based test cases

    Yeah, your requirements need to be written better.
    I think I have some stuff on testing requirements, I'll see if I have an electronic copy of it for you.

    Creating tests from requirements is very easy if the requirements are 100%.

    For example if the requirement says that the system should allow the user to search by PlayerId, then you would Test the system to see if that search criteria exists. And Test to see if the filter works i.e. that the player's details, and only that player's details, are returned.

    ********************** Test Case Template
    Test Case: Test to see if search filters on player id
    Inputs: 50007
    Steps: Load plugin, Enter player id, click search (depending on what you're using it would be best to add some screenshots e.g. at my client, we're using spreadsheets so we have screenshots for most steps and each worksheet is a new test case. Each step has an expected and actual result colum.)
    Expected Results: player's details are returned
    Environmental Needs: The latest patches need to be applied and user needs to exist and have data.
    Procedural Requirement: (I've never come across this so I don't know what is expected here)

    I hope that helps.

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    Re: Requirements based test cases

    your first requirement is not very clear but for the R2 Requirement the test case can be like this

    Test case : verify that user is not able to login with invalid credential
    Input: username=abc@xyz.com ,password=abc
    steps : enter the invalid user id and password and click submit button
    expected result : The login page shall be reloaded with information showing that an incorrect login has been attempted
    Environment needs : it depend what environment you needed for performing this step for eg. IE 6 , mozilla etc.
    Procedural Requirement: no idea

    and in the same way you can create many test cases for this requirement lke first test case with invalid username but valid password
    second for valid username but invalid password and blank username and blank password ..
    i hope it is helpful for you <font color="black"> </font> <font color="black"> </font>



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