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    importance of testing

    what is the importance of testing ,what are test basis, test planning, and the qualities that can make a tester a good tester.

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    Re: importance of testing

    welcome to the ocean of quality and systems engineering forum.
    I understand where u come from as a newbie.
    Please do buy or go through books like
    1. Software Testing Foundations by ATH ( Andreas, Tilo and Hans)
    2. Practical Software Testing bi ilene Burnstein.
    3. Software Testing Principles and Practices by Srinivasan Desikan and Gopalaswamy Ramesh.
    4.Automated Software testing by EJJ (Elriede, Jeff and John).
    5. Lessons Learned in Software Testing by CJB (Cem, James and Bret)
    There are many books available in market, i suggest first go through some testing books which will make yourself involved in theory and then u will find lots of answers to various queries running in your mind.

    All the best!

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    Re: Book called \"testing computer software\" .

    i am having a book called "testing computer software " second edition by Cem kaner, Jack falk and Hung nguyen. Does this book contains all the point which i need. Please suggest.

    Thanking you.

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    Re: Book called \"testing computer software\" .


    I would also ;like to know the web sites, videos , of software testing, please do the needful.

    Thanking you.

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    Re: Book called \"testing computer software\" .

    The book by Kaner is good, like any book it does not contain everything or cover everything.

    A couple of sites to get you started



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    Re: Book called \"testing computer software\" .

    what are the qualities of good tester

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    Re: Book called \"testing computer software\" .

    [ QUOTE ]
    what are the qualities of good tester

    [/ QUOTE ]

    One I look for is a willingness to dig in and find answers to their own questions. When their resources have been exhausted, then I expect to get asked questions - very specific questions. If it is a question on general principlpes, for example benfeits between approaches and why the shop/team/group uses the one(s) they do, then this will lead to a more in depth discussion. However, I expect them to have done their homework.

    I wonder, in regard to this question above, have you searched the site here, looking perhaps for older posts? Have you found and read any of the books mentioned? Have they given any ideas or insight as to what is generally considered to be the "qualities of a good tester?"

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    Re: Book called \"testing computer software\" .

    [ QUOTE ]
    what are the qualities of good tester

    [/ QUOTE ]

    There are many. Two important ones are curiosity (wanting to know how and why) and initiative (searching for answers on your own).

    I suggest you use the links provided by Lynne and read your book, then return here. Tell us what you have learned and what still confuses you and we can help.

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    Re: importance of testing *DELETED*

    Post deleted by lynneM

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    Re: importance of testing

    what are the classifications of bugs, and i would also like to know how a good bug report can be written?


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