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    Technique used to reduce number of test cases


    Suppose there is a scenario where in there are 3 list boxes and the first list box has 3 list, the second list box has also 3 list and the third list box has 4 list.

    i.Can i know how many test cases can written for the above scenario
    ii. Is there any technique where in i can reduce the number of the test cases for the above.

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    Re: Technique used to reduce number of test cases

    Take a look here: http://www.satisfice.com/tools.shtml
    The AllPairs tool should be what you need.

    For more info on this, search on the internet for Orthogonal arrays and testing. Should give you more background on the matter.

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    Re: Technique used to reduce number of test cases

    The word "suppose" tells me this is very probably an interview question.

    Is it?

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    Re: Technique used to reduce number of test cases

    If it is, that's a darn good one.

    I may have to add it to my list.
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    Re: Technique used to reduce number of test cases

    the first problem I see is that we're focusing on the GUI controls rather than what functions execute behind the scenes. I always tell my team to first think about the app if the GUI was a command-line interface. this gets you thinking about decision paths/functions real quick and to write an effective test plan it is often helpful to focus on the functionality rather than how that functionality is presented to the user via a GUI.

    yup...sounds like an interview question though so I'll stop here.
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    Re: Technique used to reduce number of test cases

    Ok.. You need to apply the conditions if exists to reduce the number of test cases.Let us take the above mentioned example, Consider it as combination os three fields,

    Filed1-- can have three different values say (v11,v12,v13)
    Field2-- can have three different values say (v21,v22,v23)
    Field3-- can have 4 different values say (v31,v32,v33,v34)
    The maximum number of tescases with the combination will be 36...(3x3x4)..{(v11,v21,v31),(v11,v21,v32)..etc} If more than this there may be redundant test cases... The minumum number we need to try out is 4(which will cover all the mentioned values at lease once).
    Here the problem is 36 is more and 4 is very less... so you need to apply the conditions, like third list has value v23 only if the first field has v12..(here we can directly reduce the combination starts like(v11,v23,... and v13,v23,...)..
    So what is the good/correct number here? ... depends the conditions exists... As one of them suggested in the reply if we apply Orthogonal array we can have 12 test cases..
    If no conditions exists and all the combination has unique meaning, then we need to try out the all combinations....

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    Re: Technique used to reduce number of test cases

    Orthogonal arrays have been discussed here a few times - click here for one such example. or this topic on orthogonal arrays
    Just do a search on this topic here for more such examples.

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    Re: Technique used to reduce number of test cases

    I would 2nd the use of AllPairs.
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    Re: Technique used to reduce number of test cases

    Interesting discussion but.... "deepsbit" posed a question I can't begin to answer... not enough information is supplied about the three list boxes and their interactive functionality (if any). If all three boxes appear on one menu screen, will clicking one allow the others to remain seen, and active, and will remaining list boxes continue to present original choices, and must a selection be made from each list?

    Elementary information, I know, but the kind of stepwise, navigational data I need prior to planning for test case generation, or even thinking about orthogonal arrays. :---)
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