I am by no means a technologically advanced QA engineer but I have recently been pondering my current salary and when or if to ask for a raise. When I was hired on it was a mentorship plan to eventually transfer from QA into full time engineer. I had zero QA or engineer experience when hired. I have now been running QA alone for a little over a year and I am very close to having the framework set up for moving our tests to automation, when I started our tests were copied to a spreadsheet every week and manually ran and recorded there. My coding experience is still quite limited to HTML, CSS, and PHP as that's what we are using to power Selenium. My current salary is 35,000 and the job is in central Indiana. I'm mainly wondering if the improvements to the QA role justify a raise or if there is a certain point where I would be considered a QA automation engineer and maybe then ask for a raise. Any and all input is greatly appreciated. Thank you all for your time!