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    Mobile apps compatibility testing

    Is their anybody know about the easiest way to perform Mobile apps compatibility testing.


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    Quote Originally Posted by sumit05 View Post
    Is their anybody know about the easiest way to perform Mobile apps compatibility testing.

    There are several options in terms of platforms to use, each wither their trade offs.

    For example, with Keynote or Perfecto, they have a farm of devices with robotic hands that let you test over a wide rage of actual devices. However, the availability of devices, speed, and consistency may make that option hard to deploy in a large scale enterprise with cross team dependencies. Emulators, although easy to setup, you will not be able to say test on customization the hardware makers have made to the OS.
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    As the test cases expands the permutations and combinations to test an application additionally increments.

    I trust you ought to test the cases with high priority first.

    Attempt to make a metrix or agenda where you can say every conceivable blend alongside need characterized.

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    To accept that the client Interface of the application is according to the screen size of the gadget, no content/control is somewhat imperceptible or out of reach.

    To guarantee that the content is clear for all clients for the application.

    To guarantee that the call/caution usefulness is empowered at whatever point the application is running. The application is minimized or suspended on the occasion of a call and after that at whatever point the call stops the application is continued.



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