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    Selenium WebDriver/Junit interview questions

    What are some of the most commonly asked questions in the interview for the position - selenium automation engineer??

    And also more specific to WebDriver/Junit.

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    most commonly asked questions - Have you worked on Selenium ?
    WebDriver/Junit. - What is difference between Selenium and Webdriver

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    1. What kind of challenges did you face working with Webdriver? How did you overcome them?
    2. Explain about your automation architecture.
    3. What is the difference between JUnit and TestNG?
    4. How would you go about a new automation assignment?
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    Are you Experienced and fresher in Testing.Well,if you have experience then they may ask quite technical questions for example writing test cases or scenarios.If you are fresher then they will ask basics and concepts of testing and its tools.Be thorough with atleast basic concepts and with terms used in testing.

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    At a high level, you'll probably find some of these questions,

    - Programming and language specific questions.

    - Interface programming and making tests cross browser.

    - How to make your test readable.

    - How to make your test reliable.

    - Programming patterns to make code maintainable.
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    Check out a blog post on WebDriver in Detail
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    Checkout Blog Page At

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    Some of the interview questions are

    Why you use JUnit to test your code?
    What is JUnitCore Class?
    how you can run JUnit from the command window?
    Difference between JUnit and TestNG
    How you can write a simple JUnit test case?



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