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    Testing a large e-commerce website

    I had a test yesterday in which I didn't answer one of the following questions to the best of my ability:

    How would go about testing a large e-commerce website?

    The question is so ambiguous.. Could anyone shed some light on methods they would use to test a large e-commerece website?

    Thank you in advance.

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    Re: Testing a large e-commerce website

    It is ambiguous.

    What was your answer?
    Was this an interview test?
    Joe Strazzere
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    Re: Testing a large e-commerce website

    When someone tells you go test something, the first question you ask should be, "What's at risk?" All testing stems from a change that's being made to the system. That change creates risk. We test in order to prove or disprove the risk. From there, you can figure out how to design a test to addresses that risk.

    No risk = No testing needed.
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    Re: Testing a large e-commerce website

    I find that a very interesting question, but only because I wonder what the person setting the question was expecting.

    If this was a verbal question, I would expect the person to look at me as if I had two heads and then start asking questions. Any questions would do, probably starting at what the system is expected to be doing and go from there. It could be a very long conversation indeed.

    If this was a written exam, I would probably award top marks to the candidate that wrote down 'you have no idea what problem you have, or how large it is, let alone how to solve it. You need to hire me'.

    What sort of question was it?
    Richard Hunter

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    Re: Testing a large e-commerce website

    I ask ambigous questions during face to face interviews. One I use regualrly is, "How soon would you feel comfortable testing the systems?"

    In my experience the best candidates breakdown what they would need to do a) get to know the AUT and requirements, b) to get to know the procedures and ways of working. In my experience the worst candidates say, "on my first day".

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    Re: Testing a large e-commerce website

    "Large" is just a word to intimidate you lol
    We have testing methodology, which we apply to any projects that we work on - large or small.
    1. First we should understand requirements, because we are testing against the requirements(if you don't know what requirements are then how you know what to test and how it should work properly? tester should never guess)
    2. Then we should create test scenarios to cover all of the requirements and identify any gaps in the requirements.
    3. We should create detailed step by step test cases/scrips to validate every requirement(positive) and to test potential risks and errors (negative)
    4. Web specific testing methodology can be the part of the plan - such as Cross-browser testing also load testing, stress test etc.
    Again - we look at the Requirements doc, Functional design and Test plan (Master plan or what ever your company call it).. We don't just click around like some interviewers may think. So I think you should stick with the answer around the specifications.
    I also hate questions about - how would you break an application - that drives me crazy.. Some people even in the QA field still don't understand what Quality Assurance not about breaking the application, but about making sure it is up to high standards according to the user requirements.



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