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    Interview question i faced recently.

    Hi Guys,
    Following are some of the interview question i faced recently.

    1. If you are a QA lead and you finds a critical defect (bug) just before a day ( or few hours ) before release but it's not reproducible any more what will you do ???

    My Answer: I start with, it all depends on the criticality of the defect if defect is a show stopper, not allowing to access the software then there are two ways we can go bye
    a) We can ask for some time from the client and try to reproduce the defect, If we finds we will fix it and then release.
    b) As it's not reproducible right now what we can do is we can release the software as beta release with attaching some logs inside it. So if it will reproduce to any of end user machine we might be able to figure it out through logs.

    If we go with solution "a" and still not able to reproduce the defect at the end of the extended time we can then go for solution "b".

    2. If you are a QA lead and you find outs the one of your team member is not co-operative and due to him you are going to miss the dead line what will you do to release the software on-time.

    My Answer: According to me if any of the team member is not co-operative then going to him at the last time and make him understand wouldn't work. So what I will do is rather testing as we have planned initially i would start testing the high risk related area first and will divide that work among other team members if that would be done we will move to the lower risk areas. And to the team members who is not co-operative, I will provide him the work which has least risk associated.

    But i don't know how I answered. Your comments required.
    GauranG Shah
    I don't make the software, Rather I make it better.
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    Re: Interview question i faced recently.


    I think you answered well.

    I think your 1a answer is reasonable. "Letting people know and asking for more time to try and reproduce it" would be what I'd want my leads to do much of the time.

    I'm not sure inventing a Beta at the last minute (which seems to be what you are suggesting with 1b) would be a viable solution anywhere I have worked.

    Your answer for 2 is more difficult for me to gauge. In some shops where I have worked the better answer would be "get rid of the non-cooperative team member and replace him with someone else, quickly". But that wouldn't work in other shops. Your answer of "put him on tasks that aren't as critical" seems appropriate for some shops.
    Joe Strazzere
    Visit my website: AllThingsQuality.com to learn more about quality, testing, and QA!

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    Re: Interview question i faced recently.

    The answers seem reasonably good. However, I would like to add the following solution to Q1.
    We will first analyse the scenario where the critical bug was found, and try to reproduce accordingly.

    Also, we will intimate the P< and also, we will bring in the development resources to analyse and reproduce the issue.

    Despite all these, if we fail to reproduce, then we will intimate the customer about this, and explain him:
    1.what the issue is.
    2.what is the impatct of the issue.
    3.what we have done to reproduce.

    After our explaination, we will give him 2 choices....1.Give extra time to reproduce and fix. 2.Accept the build with this issue.

    However, we will suggest the customer the for better quality, choice 1 is better.

    If the customer prefers choice 2, then we will get the customer approval to release the product with this issue added as a risk. (we still continue to work on this bug).

    Ravi Landu

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    Re: Interview question i faced recently.

    I know that this is no longer relevant as it's 4 months plus later...but what the hell?

    Good answers.

    I think something else to consider is that if you find a critical bug that isn't reproducible hours before the release, one thing to consider is not necessarily informing the customer, but definitely getting your customer support team well briefed on the issue and its impact. Tell them what they should note in case this bug or something similar starts to manifest itself at customer sites.

    Also, I would recommend that the testing environment not be updated for the length of time that elapsed between this bug and the last big bug. Of course, if hot fixes occur in Production, apply those to the test environment. But push no new test code to the test environment without the period of time elapsing.

    Finally do root cause analysis of the defect (as best you can). Why was this test case being run the day leading up to the release? Was it being run for the first time? If for the first time, make sure that there is more time given to soak the candidate before a release.

    Make sure to note the risk in the next test plan if schedules are tight.
    If you find out that one of your team is being explicitly uncooperative thus causing a release to slip. First of all document the incident and work with your manager and HR to get the incident recorded explicitly.

    Work with the person to find out why they screwed up. Come up with an improvement plan. Keep the incident between you and the person. But let them know they screwed up in private. Then give them encouragement if it is a first time thing. Don't necessarily relay on them to be the hero now.

    You as the lead need to step up and figure out a plan to expedite the release. Extra hours, new strategy for testing that focuses on high priority cases and informing the project team that there might be a slip.

    No blame game in public...you, your boss, HR and the offender already know.
    Eric Jones
    Chief Testing Consultant


    "In Software Testing, The Right Start Is Everything!"



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