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    Root cause Analysis techniques

    While I am familiar with stuff like fish bone and other tools, I have some basic queries when it comes to root cause analysis (RCA), especially when it comes to process improvements based on Quality management Systems.

    Should a person conducting RCA pose as a lawyer? Should he try to uncover the facts to an extent when it may be evident that, more than process.. the problem may also be in the person, if so?
    Should analytical reasoning be used extensively by the person conducting RCA to eliminate possibilities to pin down to the problem?
    While doing RCA I have started coming across situations where it becomes evident that the other person is lying or just trying to pass the buck and there’s no quantitative data to justify anything. Hence is this question.

    Mainly in IT Services I have found RCA revolving around need for training/awareness and more & more checklists as ultimate solutions which I feel are not so effective.

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    Re: Root cause Analysis techniques

    The best way for RCA to get results is everyone buy in without pointing fingers or casting blame.

    It is good when the digging for answers is followed by some process to reduce the potential for the same thing to happen in the future.

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    Re: Root cause Analysis techniques

    I agree with the above. Sometimes it is obvious that the "lack of" skills of certain people could be the main cause of certain problems. However, if you attack frontly other persons, you may not achieve the desired results of improving the situation. Therefore, trying to view things the more analytically as possible and insist on process improvement rather than on blaming people.



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