Why Quality?
Quality is not a program; it is an approach to business.
Quality is a collection of powerful tools and concepts that is proven to work.
Quality is defined by the customer through his/her satisfaction.
Quality includes continuous improvement and breakthrough events.
Quality tools and techniques are applicable in every aspect of the business.
Quality is aimed at performance excellence; anything less is an improvement opportunity.
Quality increases customer satisfaction, reduces cycle time and costs, and eliminates errors and rework.
Quality isnít just for businesses. It works in non-profit organizations like schools, healthcare and social services, and government agencies.
Results (performance and financial) are the natural consequence of effective quality management.
The impact quality can have:

99.74% Good = 3 Sigma 99.9998% Good = 6 Sigma
20,000 lost articles of mail per hour Seven articles lost per hour
Unsafe drinking water for almost 15 minutes each day One unsafe minute every seven months
5,000 incorrect surgical operations per week 1.7 incorrect operations per week
Two short or long landings at most major airports each day One short or long landing every five years
200,000 wrong drug prescriptions each year 68 wrong prescriptions per year
No electricity for almost seven hours each month One hour without electricity every 34 years