I'm looking for free Test case management tool - I have been reading posts in this forum about the subject.
This is the programs that I have tried:

1. Test Case Manager
The problem with TCM is how to reuse test cases? If I want to reuse test case for another version of my program - how do I do that? Copy the test case - no, because then I can not change the version number? Has anyone solution to this?

2. QASync
A nice one, but if my test cases are many lines then the lines are not all displayed in the workspace display - where I want to see them all to be able to test after the test case....any suggestions for this one?

I anyone knows of any other free Test Case Management programs - please speak up.

- I want to be able to see how many test cases were tested in this or that version
- I want to be able to create test sets
- I want to be able to reuse my test cases

Thanks in advance :-)