Hi All,

I have been working using WINRUNNER for the past 6 months. I have idea of using other mercury tools like test director and load runner. Recently my boss asked me to present a write-up that defines what vision I have about having automated testing environment in the company. Like explaining about what the tool does and how the tools are integrated with each other. What server configuration is required for the tools? i.e. the hardware environment. What are the long term benefits? The company already had the tools but no one has been using efficiently and effectively. The document should be able to explain the benefits of having an ideal automated testing environment that reduces manual testing efforts and brings more coordinated & well managed efforts. What the document should not explain the coding methodology & standards, as that will be covered in another document.
So anyone who has already done the above sort of efforts can share his/her ideas.
Eagerly looking forward to your replies.
Thanks in advance