I am assigned as a QA manager, Information systems – On Going Support Group.
When I was interviewed was mentioned that company is planning to improve software quality process.

I was going apply my design, programming skills for test automation/or guide team, applying use cases to test process and quality process improvement.

The group (Production), I was assigned, consists form development teams responsible for system components’ issues.
Their responsibility was to get issues, fix problems, test, and release.
Now this group expects me to do review issues and, if I found that it is not the end-user problem, send to them to future investigation and fix, and then test their fixes. I am confused how to define process, roles and responsibilities in this Group.

It does not sound as QA or QC. Only I found that Change Control definitely should take place.

How I can define QA process and improve it?
Here is a situation:
There are thousand of issues that are repeatable from one system version to another.
How I can develop test plans and write test cases when every time there are new issues to fix and to test?

I investigated the root of common problems. Output files of the components not controlled/or self tested.
For example, if one file not completed in one component, it is not give you error. The problem you can see only in the report. The processes between the system components designed as a stream process. Controlling script should be written to test component. But seams the leaders of the development teams not interesting in this. They are interesting just in writing scripts, fixing the problems. Integrity testing and good analysis is not taking place yet in this team.
I need define role and responsibilities of the Production QA team.

If somebody can bring his or her experience or thoughts, it’ll be very appreciated.