We are a startup company (around 40 people) and as part of our QA process all of the company is participating. Of course we test it before releasing to the rest of the company so it will be as flawless as possible.

The idea behind it is for the rest of the company to be more familiar with the product, be updated with latest features and be connected to what we are doing.

From the QA perspective it let as test the system by more people, so we can find bugs that we didn't find before.

How the process is working today is by creating couples for testing and giving each couple a set of features to test on a specific browser.

Lately we are scaling up and adding more members to our sales team, which may be able to help QA the system in their spare time.

I'd love to get tips and ideas on how to make this process as effective as possible also by not giving the rest of the company the feeling that this is a heavy task which they won't like to do. I want them to feel they are contributing. Important thing is that we (the QA team) won't only working to separate the chaff and really have quality bugs as possible.