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    Test efficiency of a test organization


    I wanted to know whether there is any way to measure the test efficiency of a test organization ?
    Basically this should be a measure to baseline how the current test organization is performing and whether the test efficiency of this organization is improving year by year ?

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    Re: Test efficiency of a test organization

    I think this has come up before in the forums, try searching for metrics and you'll come up with a lot of threads that talk about this. In short though, unless you have a way to make any measurement meaningful to your organization just using a number won't tell you much.
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    Re: Test efficiency of a test organization

    Test metrics around success of a test team are a very subjective subject.

    Number of defects found in test, UAT and Prod should be considered as the cost of finding a defect in test is alot less than the cost of finding a defect in prod.

    The amount of coverage according to the requires could be a metric

    Really the fundamental question to measure the success of testing is what do you want out of testing. As there atre many variables which could affect the how success can be measured
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    Efficiency testing test the measure of code and testing assets required by a project to perform a specific capacity. Programming Test Efficiency is number of experiments executed separated by unit of time.

    It is interior in the association the amount of assets were devoured the amount of these assets were used.



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