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    Software Quality and Startups

    Hi everyone,

    if you're a developer and wouldn't mind sparing 3-4 minutes of your time I'd greatly appreciate if you would fill out a survey I've put together on software quality. It's part of a 4th year software engineering research paper I'm writing.


    Thanks in advance for your help!

    Sincerely, Daniel Funk

    Daniel Funk
    University of Saskatchewan

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    Re: Software Quality and Startups


    It isn't clear from your post or your survey if you are looking only for responses from people currently employed at startups or not.

    Some of the questions are about the respondent.
    Some say "at a Startup"
    Some say "your company"

    Additionally, you haven't defined what you mean by "startup".

    Perhaps you could clarify?
    Joe Strazzere
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    Re: Software Quality and Startups

    I would like to state the obvious here and note that as a QA focused site there are not that many Developer's coming around here, unless they have an interest in testing. Could you define Developer and what kinds of Developers you are expecting to come from here?
    - M

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    - Unknown

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