I am reading Rex Black's book "Managing the testing process"
I have great expectations from this book, since I respect and admire Rex's work in the publication field. I recently had the oppurtunity to meet Rex in the October test2008 conference in India. I heard his keynote and was quite impressed with him. Since this, I have been studying Rex's book.

I have a question for Chapter 1. section titled Is the White-Box/Black Box model wrong.
As a finishing note, Rex has explained his thoughts of letting Quality Risk's be the influencing zone.
On what basis and understanding is he making his decision?

I am not sure on why? this decision is based? I feel this understanding is otherwise Known as Context-Driven testing.
In his understanding, what is the difference between Quality Driven and Context Driven in testing terminology.
Is there a fundamental difference between Quality Driven and Context Driven?

Also, if Quality Driven testing is mentioned or explain in any other book? (I have not read all the testing books in the world. The number of testers is growing.. Woo Hoo!!!