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    Fast Test Case Execution & Management

    Hi - any hints here will get me to sleep better...

    I'm looking for testcase management (for manual, functional testing) where I don't have to drill into a page to get each to each case. I just want us to be able to go down row for row and bang out the test, put the results and see the roll up in some reports.

    Currently using Excel to do this, so we know my pain for trying to manage functional unit changes, feature changes, etc which, as a startup, we have a LOT of. It's very manual and becomes a drag on resources, error prone...all the bad stuff.

    So we are running JIRA for issue tracking, Confluence for specs/wiki, LDAP, and are generally a non-MS house.

    Any suggestions for a spreadsheet type tool would be great...was thinking Dabble, but that got a little complex.

    Looking at Test Link...but seems to be missing the spreadsheet-y like machinegun view/execution I want.

    Thank you Thank you Thank you for any help.


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    Re: Fast Test Case Execution & Management

    You're right, Excel isn't "ideal"

    However, Excel is also probably more powerful than what you realize. I mean since it makes use of VBA you are, effectively, able to make it as complex as you like or as simple as you like. If you're looking for a "machine gun" approach then Excel might be your best option. Why do you want to do it this way though? Is it merely for the speed?

    I cringe at the thought of using it for test case management, but if that's your approach then learn how to use the VBA compnents that it offers you because then you can create simple functions which will automate all manners of your testing.

    As I see it, you're looking for a speadsheet software, when you're already using one. So you might as well use Excel.
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    Re: Fast Test Case Execution & Management

    We use Excel and it works fine for us.

    Each worksheet is an OS and on it we have rows of test cases, with columns of particular machines that tests run on, when the test is run it gets a pass or fail. On a summary sheet we track how many pass/fails there are, those are rolled up to a summary of summary's and that is the high level tracking management uses to see where we are and if we are meeting our milestones.

    We have formulas to manage the numbers and percentages, and you can get quick summaries by just tracking sheets by using the COUNTIF formula.

    So far its worked well for us, I didn't like it at first, and it is a pain to set up initially for releases, but once that is done its pretty seamless to update.
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