I would like have some feed back on the general Test Suite Maturity, mostly for automatic test suite.
My goal is to put in place a framework to progress on test efficiency (mesuring our maturity, manage improvements...)
So, i have defined a Test Suite in 3 parts :

1. Test Framework (the different tools)
the tool we are currently using is based on Eclipse & Junit. We have implemented some extensions for example to notify by email the execution results, to export the results in our test central manager, to multithread executions,...)

2. Test Resources (all the resources needed to execute the tests)
using a file system management as perforce or VSS, we are implementing new extensions dedicated on the test resources as we have lot artifacts to manage and complex organization.

3. Test Contents
On this side, it's mostly the test coverage questions and the test execution and investigation performance.

so perhaps, some of you would be interested to discuss/develop these points.

Thank & Regards,