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    Software Process Maturity Matrix

    Hello All

    With the purpose of accessing the level of maturiry of software development processes, I am trying to put together specific maturity matrixes for (each), requirements, development and SQA. This will include key areas as documentation, communication, etc, and the levels of maturity which is given by certain activities for each level.
    In other words, and as an example, as the TPI model, it has 20 key areas and 4 levels of maturity. Has anybody seen something like this or have any ideas?


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    Re: Software Process Maturity Matrix

    Hi Carlos,

    Did you check the CMMI ?

    I am only now starting to learn more about TPI, but I've had experience in CMMI and it provides some pointers to what you describe (and it focuses on the Process as a whole).

    My only comment related to these types of models - and it comes from my personal experience making sure a couple of companies "passed" the required audits. The model is a good guideline, but (a) your process can be mature without sticking to any particular or defined model; and (b) you can successfully pass a review and still work on a company that is very much immature.

    Good Luck (or Buena Suerte)!
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    Re: Software Process Maturity Matrix

    Hi Carlos,

    Yes, CMMI is a right place to look at I believe.




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