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    CloudTest Technical Resources

    With almost 6 years of CloudTest development behind us, and the largest engineering team in the industry focused on a performance testing platform, many of whom have worked together through multiple companies for the last 20 years, CloudTest is well documented.

    One interesting fact about our dev process...every Engineer documents (and supports) his or her own features.

    The results? Really comprehensive "Help" to keep you going with CloudTest Lite and other editions.

    Here it all is for your learning/reading pleasure: http://cloudlink.soasta.com/t5/Knowl.../knowledgebase

    ** I work for SOASTA, the CloudTest Company **

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    Re: CloudTest Technical Resources

    Test Creation in CloudTest with input from the SOASTA team and new CloudTest Lite users:

    ** I work for SOASTA, the CloudTest Company **

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    Re: CloudTest Technical Resources

    50 GREAT QUESTIONS from CTLite downloaders on the first "Getting Started with CloudTest Lite" webinar!


    Stay tuned for many more of these events.
    ** I work for SOASTA, the CloudTest Company **

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    Re: CloudTest Technical Resources

    YEAH! We have a couple thousand new CTLite users!

    So by popular demand, we're running another "Getting Started with CloudTest Lite" webinar on Weds. Sept 21, 2011 at 10am Pacific. (we'll record it, too.) This also may become a monthly recurring event!


    You can also review the list of CTLite questions and answers from the last training in the previous post.

    ** I work for SOASTA, the CloudTest Company **

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    Re: CloudTest Technical Resources

    Recorded "Getting Started with CloudTest Lite" webinar is posted here:

    ** I work for SOASTA, the CloudTest Company **

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    Re: CloudTest Technical Resources

    We've re-structured how we're listing the Q&A transcripts on our CloudLink support site. They're all here now under Public Training and Webinar Q&A.



    ** I work for SOASTA, the CloudTest Company **

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    Re: CloudTest Technical Resources

    Hi Brad,

    Thanks for all the links you have shared.

    I have downloaded the cloud test lite and gone through the documents.

    Although i have exp of QTP and manual testing,but cloud testing and cloud test lite new for me/most of us those want to take up their carrer in cloud testing in future.

    Need your suggestion,as you have vast exp about the tool,

    How can i learn the tool better and effective manner?


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    Re: CloudTest Technical Resources

    In SOASTA, CloudTest makes fast affordable testing of web and mobile applications at scale. It's functional testing enables both quality assurance and software development teams to execute more accurate tests with unparalleled speed and agility without programming.



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