Hi. I was wondering if anyone could help me out. We need to create a test with 100 + requests. Note: these requests have different combinations of data. I have figured out how to connect my test to a single XML request but UFT does not provide a way/mechanism on how to iterate through multiple requests.
Loadrunner has a feature where you can parameterize the request. It is located in the webservice test you create in loadrunner and is a .dat file. It takes the xml in linear format. We would like to load hundreds of xml requests with one file instead of loading one by one as you have to in UFT and then check the responses in a batch fashion instead of mapping one to one. Is there anyway to do this in Loadrunner using the output argument? Also how is the rest of the world doing functional web service testing? Mapping one by one? We use and excel spreadsheet right now but that requires us to have different tests and multiple spreadsheets for different combinations. Thanks for any help you can give me here.