I have been hired as a Quality Assurance developer at a library software development company. I have been working here for about 6 months. My current role involves me doing integration testing for an api among other things. I have previously had some experience with Java and C# but this is my first job as a Quality Assurance person. All my testing is currently done in C# using MSTest Framework.

My question is, Quality Assurance (development or engineering not really sure of the term) seems to be a very broad and abstract role. Is there any books or sites or anything that i could read that could enhance my career? I am trying to learn as much as i can about developing testing software in C#. I am welcome to theory, best-practices, implementation, frameworks, and anything that you guys think would help in terms of enhancing my knowledge base. I would also like to mention that i am the only QA developer at my organization. There is a QA team with no coding knowledge and a development team with no QA knowledge and i am in the middle

Thank you for your help