Hi All, I hope somebody can help me on this.

I am confused about WCF service configuraiton on buffer settings.
It is written in an article from Microsoft guy that, it is good to make MaxBufferPoolSize as number of total concurrent request buffer size (Maxbuffersize) at the service.

So, as far as I understand, maxBufferPoolSize is always bigger than the MaxBufferSize, must not be smaller than muxbufferSize ? right. (Because it is the total of buffers with various sizes with maximum of MaxBufferSize)

When I look in production configs, I see that
maxBufferPoolSize="1048576" and maxBufferSize="10485760
.As you can see, maxBuffersize is ten times than MaxBufferPoolSize !

(But the web site is still working.. )

Is that normal ?

What is your opinion ?
How cna I determine optimum numbers for these settings ?

I am positng last paragraph from a Microsft staf abut this issue; from the address below, please have a look at it.

"Hope now you have a clear understand of what is MaxBufferSize and what is MaxBufferPoolSize. Essentially, if you need to process a lot of large messages, you can use a large MaxBufferSize, or each request will have to create a new buffer. If your system normally have 4 concurrent requests, you may want to set the MaxBufferPoolSize 4 times as the MaxBufferSize, so while new requests don't need to allocate a new buffer each time, no extra memory is wasted. But of course, use too much memory will also decrement performance. You will have to find a balance between time and memory..."