I Need to figure out why I keep getting an “Access Denied” error when I use basic authentication in soapUI. Can you help with giving suggestions on what I can try? The Eviware forum didn’t provide me with any answers yet.

The issue is: I get an "Access Denied" error on the response when I send a request.

My setup: I'm using soapUI 3.6.1 (free version) (64 bit). Windows 7 Professional. Also tried the 3.5.l free version and the 3.6.1 Pro trial version.

What I've tried:
* Put check on "Authenticate Preemptively" check box in soapUI Preferences
* In Interface Viewer > Service Endpoints tab, I entered the user name and password
* In the Request editor, in the "Aut" tab, I entered the user name and password as well as the domain
* In the Request editor, in the "Headers" tab, I entered header information using "Authorization" as the key and Basic UserName:Password (the username and password were converted to base 64 using a base64 encoder) so the value would look something like
"Basic Q8dfdalkjlkvl834--"
* I deleted and reloaded the project
* I installed soapUI on another computer
* In the Request properties pane, I also entered the credentials as well as the domain and password type=PasswordText
* In the Project view, I entered the credentials, and added a WSS entry and also entered the credentials there

Note: I have access permission to access the specific method that I've been trying to test and a ping test method returns success. The developer verified the credentials work on a unit test. It seems to be an issue with basic authentication in soapUI. The sample project files work for me. They return the proper responses.